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System Analysis and Development:


We consider system analysis and development to be our forte. Our involvement of system analysis and development requires us to actively involve with the management, comprehend their precise and business needs, analyse each procedure in depth and carry out detailing of the entire system, investigate into pitfalls, identify control weaknesses and provide solutions to curb the weaknesses for improved controls. One of the factors that matter the most is the control objectives of various business functions. Our expertise and experience with varied corporate best practices and our niche enables us to carry out a complete system and procedure analysis and suggest introduction of controls or improved controls that would relieve management from the routine functions. We help in analyzing physical and IT backbone. Areas could include production processes, purchase, cash outgo, indenting procedures, sales and related policies, account receivable management, fixed assets acquisition, maintenance, value to the organisation. System analysis requires specialized skills and involvement, with which we are well-versed and equipped of. It may not be out of place to state that we are in an extra-ordinary position to deliver this service with our critical focus and support team. We have carried out successfully various system analysis assignments.

Logically, after system analysis, next stages are system development and system implementation. Whether it is information technology driven or otherwise, we help clients in designing state-of-the-art business systems that become permanent asset over a period of time. We believe that approach to the system development results in identification and availability of business critical information that could be capitalized for profits and efficiencies. To aid the process, we are equipped with in-house software professionals within our organization who could translate our ideas into reality.


Costing System


Every business person understands costing to enable profits. We believe in dynamic costing systems that not only are entirely logical but also take into account market forces such that costing becomes rational and market-linked. With comprehension of business of various clients, their market place, their present price structure, inefficiencies existent in the costing, we advise and help develop dynamic and self-governing costing systems. Costing also involves strategy and impacts profits directly. Incorrect variable in the costing structure could result in overall lower margins. Many times, we have observed that all the variables are not factored into the costing. They could include depreciation, carrying cost of slow moving inventories, information technology and most important, communication. We help in devising information technology driven dynamic costing systems that takes into account all the variables whilst giving due weight to the market forces of demand and supply.


Business Process Analysis


Today, value creation is possible for the business and customers, only if all the business processes are meticulously designed and detailing is done of every single business process, howsoever small it may be. Perfect alignment of all business processes enables business person to have ringside view of the entire business. We carry out extensive analysis of every single business process be it purchases, detailed production processes, marketing, selling, finance or accounting. We notice that many times, companies do not have intrinsic links between marketing and production. If link is existent, there is lack of proper communication and monitoring. At this point, we come into play and advice organizations on the missing critical points that are impacting their efficiencies and profits. Our experience suggests that information technology is undoubtedly the best system on which business processes should be hinged. Integrity of business processes through information technology and communication makes available the price-sensitive information at the right time to the right person.


Forecasting and Budgeting


Long term Business plan governs business strategy. Business strategy is a risk an entrepreneur takes to materialize well-drawn business plan. This requires broad parameters within which activities of each individual of the organization would be directed. To ensure that the activities of each business divisions are channelized in the right direction, it becomes crucial to draw a detailed forecast and budget that enables an organization to orient and structure its finances and decide its fund flow.
We help in devising a detailed forecasting and budgeting system for the entire business process chain after factoring in contingencies that an organization is expected to encounter within its business strategy. Our approach to devising such systems is to give our clients confidence that the forecast is well within the strategy perimeter, is detailed enough, factors in risks and above all, is as far as possible, realistic.




Organizations cannot survive without MIS. Today, MIS is meant to be exclusively IT driven. It is significant for the business that information is captured from all sources, be they internal or external, whether the information is structured or unstructured, whether information is data driven or received through e-mail. All the information received from all the sources which are of consequence, is captured, synchronized,and concise, and is available to the right person at the right time. Lack of information could result in loss of business, inefficiency, loss of people, demoralization and on the whole impacts the reputation. We understand that management looks for information in two ways, firstly, they look for information which requires action forthwith or otherwise, secondly they look for information just for the sake of it and analysis.

It is important that information comes only from the source, remains integrated and is in as much concise form as possible.


Internal Audit


In last decade and more, internal auditing has become an important function of the management. If used properly as management tool, it could turn out to be wondrous. It is an important control tool that checks and rechecks and assures management of whether the intended controls find place in the entire business process chain. We at Natvarlal Vepari and Co. not just carry out internal audit but value-added audit. Our approach towards internal audit is to add value in terms of plugging loopholes, checking revenue leakages, improving on the procedures and the systems, converting orthodox system into IT driven, present before the management our observations in sufficiently precise forms.

Today, we have good number of satisfied and established clients who avail internal auditing services from us on regular basis. Our partners are well-versed with the focus that is intended out of internal auditing. Conventionally, internal auditing was looked upon very differently. With time, approach has changed and we at Natvarlal Vepari & Co., have had paradigm shift in our approach where our internal audit practices match the best in the world with detailed ICQ designs and planning & performing tools. Our approach also has always been dynamic to this end where every assignment mostly evolves within the broad contours of the scope entailed. When it comes to internal auditing, we are at par excellence. We also carry out interim reviews in accordance with clause 41 of the listing requirements of SEBI for various companies within the terms of reference given.


System Audit


Corollary to the internal audit is system audit. System audit is viewed two ways; one which is IT driven and the other is non IT driven. It could be both as well. Two of our partners viz. CA. Sunil Vatvani and CA. Kayomarz Panthaki are qualified Information System Auditors. Further, CA. Sunil Vatvani is ISO 9001 certified internal auditor. Additionally, we have a technical team(Masters in Computer Application) that takes care of the technical aspect. All these together with state-of-the-art skills in carrying out system audit of various complex networks and internationally best companies, places us in an extra-ordinary position. We understand DR audits and its nitty-gritty well. We have successfully carried out system audits of varied business organizations.

Another approach to system audit involves analyzing the entire business system or particular business system within various functions and process know-how of the business. This requires analyzing and evaluating each business system objectively within the control objectives of the management and report of any defects or improvement opportunities. We have also undertaken such assignments and delivered results to complete satisfaction of our clients.


Special Purpose Audit


We carry out special purpose audits after comprehending precise/overall requirements of the management. Such special purpose audits could be internal or external, law related or business function related, HR related or environment related.

We are fully competent to undertake designing and gearing up an organisation for participation in specialised programs like Responsible Jewellery Council that involves a business to follow ethical, social and environment practices. We undertake the task comprehensively, right from designing of various modules,to imparting and gearing up for various trainings, to developing recurrent and non-recurrent documents, to liaising for various requirements, to ensuring compliance with various statutes and rules, as also requirements of standards. We possess substantial expertise, experience and a trained staff in this area. Mr. Kayomarz Panthaki and Mr. Urvesh Jhaveri are fully equipped with the required skills to perform the task.




We have expertise and sufficient resources to carry out an objective investigation. In past, we have carried out number of investigation assignments, directed either by the Hon’ble High Court or as per the need based requirements of various clients.


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