We help clients in demerging non-performing units or for that matter restructuring companies through demerger for obvious business benefits be they in terms of taxation, focused approach, marketing, defining business verticals, so on and so forth. Demerger demands from drawing of the scheme from soliciting approvals from various government authorities to conclusion of demerger. We carry out all functions in the most professional way with consideration to the schedule and cost.

We advise clients after doing meticulous costing in reaching the decision whether it would be more beneficial to demerge through legal process, or enter into a slump sale or simply assign various assets.

Business valuation of demerging division requires special consideration. Valuation of tangibles and intangibles require expertise and bargain. We undertake business valuations by optimizing the blend of business acumen and sound valuation principles and methodologies.



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Union Budget :- Key Highlights

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