Corporate Finance


Competition constantly exerts pressures on the margins. One of the important constituent of cost is finance. It is critical to maintain appropriate levels of funding for various types of finances. High leveraging places business on risk of insolvency, while the under leveraged ones miss on the business opportunities. It is necessary to strike balance, and maintain finance in consonance with the requirements, growth and host of other factors. We arrange long term and short term corporate finance for various companies including sourcing loans an Indian currency, foreign currency, after understanding the business needs. Loans could be based on custodisation of shares based on business valuations or asset specific or against Letter of Comfort.

We meticulously and professionally prepare and present project report, presentations, write-ups and liaise with various banks/financial institutions for availing bank finance.


Business Loans

We help arrange business loans for SME as per their specific needs.


Retail Loans

We help arrange retail loans, should the services require. Such loans could include unsecured loans based on credentials of the client, car finance, housing finance etc.


International Finance

In India, funding is still at a nascent stage, where the banks are over securitised despite charging high interest rates. These conditions tend to limit the potential of a business to grow, as also restrict the margins, making business less competitive.

With liberalization of policy by Reserve Bank of India, it has now become possible to avail international finance. Such finance could come from various individuals or companies in the form of investments. Such finance could also be arranged in Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds (FCCB). We help in getting finance at LIBOR + with proper hedging for the purpose of business after clearing formalities from Reserve Bank of India. 


Private Equity

Many companies aspire to grow fast. Unique ideas many times need strong financial backing that could digest the idea of growth. We help in bridging this gap by representing before private equity players and venture capitalist for raising funds through this particular route.



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